Water Efficiencies

You will be amazed how much you are entitled to or could be saving.

The Efficiency People have teamed up with Water Watch UK. Water Watch UK are built up of the leading specialists in all areas of water cost management including; bill analysis and invoice validation, leak detection and repair, surface water highway drainage, Trade Effluent and efficiency auditing.

“We represent, protect and inform the commercial customer, who is so often neglected by the Water Companies and let down by the regulatory system.”
“We have over 25 years experience in the water audit consultancy industry during which time we have been responsible for recovering many millions of pounds for the commercial sector and reduced costs across the whole of industry.”

We put our clients at the heart of the audit process with our Gateway promise to you.

We have worked with every type of business and public sector organisation, from the smallest single owner enterprises to blue chip multi nationals; all of which have suffered from years of incorrect and excessive charges, until we came along!

Our experience has meant we have been able to provide savings to businesses even when they have previously been audited, even by the water authorities themselves.

How does it work?

The process has 4 distinct steps, in each of which you maintain complete control.

The Gateway Promise

In addition to the process there is an inbuilt Gateway promise for you at step 3 which ensures that, with the audit now complete at no cost to you, you can make an informed decision as to whether to proceed any further, if you choose not to proceed then the audit is at an end and without there having been any cost to you.

Step 1. Analysis
We start with a free no obligation analysis of the invoices and charges you receive, from this we will be able to let you know if we think we can help.

Step 2. The Survey
Given your agreement we then conduct a full, but unobtrusive survey, of your site(s) to make sure that your charges, as they appear on paper, are an accurate reflection of how you operate “on the ground”.

Step 3. The Report and Gateway
You receive our reports with all of our findings to enable you to be able to make an informed decision on how and if you’d like to move forward. The site survey produces a report which lets you know, simply and without jargon, if we can reduce charges, costs and perhaps even recover monies already paid to your supplier.

Step 4. Implementation
We undertake all the work, on those recommendations you wish to proceed with, to correct your charges and recover any monies overpaid.

We are only paid by results – if we can’t produce a savings or a fund, you pay us nothing – it’s as simple as that.

Getting Started

Its so easy to get the ball rolling.

Simply provide to us copies of your water, wastewater, surface water or trade effluent invoices, ideally for the last 12 months.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the full picture of invoices, provide to us what you can and we’ll get to work on the analysis.

There’s no cost and there’s nothing to sign. We’ll give you a call when the analysis is done and let you know if we can help.

Invoices can be posted, faxed or scanned to us just please ensure to send all pages of the invoices.

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Our Audit Process

We will evaluate every aspect of your water costs including:

  • Identification of possible leakage/shared supplies
  • Confirmation of correct meter sizing
  • Potential for water efficiency devices
  • Validation of surface water charges
  • Investigation of Trade Effluent charges
  • Tariff charges
  • Over estimated billing
  • Duplicate billing and over charges
  • Investigation of fixed charges

Leak Detection & Repair

You could be wasting thousands of pounds per year through undetected leakage.

Underground leaks on pipe work can lead to costly damage. As the wasted water soaks in to the ground subsidence can ensue, causing loss of productivity and disruption. Our highly experienced leakage surveyors are able to pin point leaks keeping the cost of repairs and disruption to a minimum.

Our leak detection surveys include:

  • Meter location and testing
  • All mains pipe work being located and mapped
  • Current flow rates measured and average daily usage calculated
  • Pressure tests conducted
  • Leak traced using specialist equipment and techniques including; digital leak noise correlators, Ground microphones and tracer gas.

Once the leak has been located our engineering teams can carry out the full repair or relay of pipe work and reinstate all surface types.

Our account managers will then follow up the repair with the water company supplying your property and negotiate a refund for the lost water.

Surface Water

Surface Water Drainage charges contribute the largest amount to most of our client’s bills, however many are being massively over charged and some should not be charged at all. Did you know you are eligible to claim back these overpayments?

Refunds totalling several hundreds of thousands of pounds have been secured for customers in the past and it could be that you are also due refunds for this service.

Of particular interest are sites in the following areas:

  • Business Stream/Scottish Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Yorkshire Water
  • United Utilities
  • Severn Trent Water / South Staffs Water
  • Welsh Water

If you’re in one of these geographic areas you cannot afford not to have these charges verified.

Trade Effluent Charges

On of the most complicated aspects of water charges.

We will confirm that this complex mechanism of wastewater charging is both accurately reflecting the service provided by your supplier and the operation of your site

We make sure that the strengths of effluent are being correctly derived and that all appropriate allowances are in place to ensure you only pay the correct amount for the services provided to you.

Due to the complex mechanism employed by the Water Companies in calculating this charge (using the Mogden Formula), these charges are often not understood and go unquestioned.

Why choose us?

Apart from the fact you only pay when we find a substantial saving ………

Our surveyors have been responsible for identifying savings and refunds in all sectors of the UK economy, having audited sites as diverse as The Atomic Energy Authority, Hampton Court Palace, Arsenal F.C. and De Beers.

We have experience of producing savings and refunds on large water budgets, such as that of a Russell Group University, of over £175,000, and conversely on much small budgets, such as that of Golf clubs, where the returns are smaller but no less important, of £6,000.

We have experience of working with Blue Chip companies, such as those in the drinks industry, where the returns have been over £550,000 too the bedrock of the U.K. economy, the SME’s. These include; property managers, Chemical companies, Waste Recyclers, Restaurants and Hotels where the returns have been anywhere between £500 too £50,000 and above.

We have the experience of identifying refunds and savings for a major tourist attraction, despite the water authority having already reviewed their accounts, reclaiming over £10,000 back and reducing their charges by over £2,000 per annum.

We have experience of working throughout the Public Sector, working with numerous PCT’s and hospitals within the NHS. For one hospital it has reduced their water charges by £15,000 per annum and for a Scottish Regional NHS area by over £50,000.

OK, you could take our advice and do it yourself. And that’s fine – we won’t be offended. Actually, if you do we’re sure you’ll soon become more efficient. But DIY is rarely the most efficient way of becoming more efficient. Probably best we chat.

For more info or to speak to us, simply call 0800 7720352 email hello@theefficiencypeople.co.uk or complete the enquiry form here.

We promise to deal with your enquiry quickly and, well, efficiently of course!